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Joe is a multifaceted film composer

ranging from full orchestral to experimental minimalism, from epic to intimate.

Best known for his scores to feature films “Who We Love” & “Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia” and to television series “NCIS” & “Tour of Duty”.

Joe has received two EMMY nominations and one IFTA.


John, Paul, George & Ringo,

Claude Debussy, Ennio Morricone,

Vangelis, Aaron Copland, Sigur Rós,

Nine Inch Nails, Dave Grusin,

Jerry Goldsmith, John Powell,

Cliff Martinez,

and about a million other people.


Diverse. Eclectic.

Action-Suspense to Romantic-Comedy.

Conventional Orchestra to Electronic.

Experimental. Atmospheric. Thematic.

Percussive. Groove. Bombastic. Minimal.

Manipulated. Thrashed. Textural sound design.

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